Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010


Every woman loves shoes. Almost every woman loves high-heels. Almost every woman, who wears high-heels, is now and then bitching about them being uncomfortable or that you can't walk through mud or run fast with them.

The solution: The high-heel with detachable heels.
The basis for this invention is a regular ballerina-shoe:
These are predestined for the plan for several reasons: they are comfy to wear, they have a very thin, flexible sole and their design (covering only the toes) is pretty similar to the design of regular high-heels.
To create a detachable high-heel, one has to face two very important questions that have to be answered before it is really an idea:
1. Where and how do I attach the heel?
2. When wearing a high-heel, the foot is 'folded' in a special way. (see next pic) This means the shoe has to be somehow flexible at the part right behind the toes, or it will break right there or even get you blisters.

The first question can be answered easily: The high heel will be attached to the heel of the shoe via screw&thread. Therefore the ballerina-shoe just needs slight modification. The sole near the heel has to be thickened a little bit so you can screw a screw in it. This wouldn't work with the basic, thin, flexible rubber sole.
The second problem is a little bit more complicated, but that's just where the interesting part begins. A small piece of the shoe, namely that one that will get bended in high-heel-position, has to be more flexible to not break. Therefore you take out a small piece (appr. 1 cm behind the rubber cap of the shoe on each side) of the un-flexible tissue, replacing it with a lamellar folded piece of tissue. This way the shoe will keep it's solidity in the flat-state and get more flexible at this point in the high-heel-state. Der Schuh behält so im flachen
I hope this will help every woman and at least one ambitioned Al Bundy.


Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

thinktanic's maiden voyage

Smashing a bottle of champagne against my laptop would probably be too decadent. Even though it would be quite fitting ince today we are moving on to new shores.
As the young person with a quite healthy brain, wherever the borders may be, one has very nice ideas to make the world we all live in better. Every day. Some ideas are tiny thing that could be easily implemented, others are more complex, so that they will probably never be put into action. The problem of most ideas is, regardless of their complexity, just this part of implemention. Especially for a vivid mind in a totally passive body, it may be hard to see all those good ideas coming to mind, then again leaving at the end of the day.

Let's face it: All people are separated in two groups, the 'thinkers' and the 'doers'. Only history's real big characters have (most of the time) made it to combine both. but to stay as close to reality as possible, I won't be a real big character in future's history, neither will you. We are, were and will be mediocre nobodies, after we've chosen one side. Some of us won't even have the choice, because they are either stupid (no 'thinker') or don't have the physical requirements (no 'doer').
We are in fact too priviliged to really burden and too useless to really enjoy it.

I see myself on the 'thinker'-side. Not because I would consider myself very intelligent, but because I'm a lazy lard-ass in a not-so-lardy body. To make the best of my situation, I will try to offer you (a potential 'doer') my ideas to maybe see some of them put to action. Everybody who wants to use one of those ideas presented here can do so and do it in the way he/she wants to.

In this case I don't care too much for money (cause money can't buy me love) or to make the world a better place, mostly because I think I could do neither of both, but instead I want to create a win-win-situation. People who want to do something, but don't know what can get inspiration from my ideas while at  the same time, I fight my own boredom by putting my ideas to paper (well a blog is more like Paper2.0...).

In a nutshell I will post my ideas, of which I know I won't put them to action and you can feel free to use them as you wish.